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tokkers talking QR codes
Make Anything Talk
with audio QR Codes
Make Your
Products Talk
Make Your
Properties Talk
Make Your
Student Projects Talk
Make Your
Works of Art Talk
Make Your
Trade Show Exhibits Talk
Make Your
Marketing Talk
Make Your
Brochure Talk
Make Your
Menu Talk
Make Your
Business Cards Talk
Make Your
Sign Talk
Make Your
Newspaper Talk
Make Your
Posters Talk
Make Your
Tickets Talk
Make Your
Advertising Talk
Make Your
Books Talk
Make Your
Walking Tours Talk
Make Your
Magazines Talk
Make Your
Packaging Talk
Make Your
Coupons Talk
Make Your
POS Displays Talk
Make Your
Invitations Talk

Talk to your customers
Tokkers (pronounced "talkers") are talking QR codes and mobile landing pages that let you add an audio message to almost anything. Anyone with a smartphone can instantly hear your message.

Tokkers are easy to create
You can easily phone in your Tokker message, record it online, or upload an MP3 file. Use our simple Tokker Manager tool to quickly add additional features.

Customized mobile landing pages
In addition to audio, Tokkers mobile landing pages can optionally include your logo, photos, text, email, click-to-call phone number, links, video, map and social networking.

Compelling mobile content
Most "mobile content" is neither compelling, nor truly mobile. Tokkers talking mobile landing pages are compelling and mobile optimized and have the added dimension of sound.

Better customer engagement
Tokkers talking QR Codes have higher scan rates because they motivate your customers to scan them, hear your message, view your information, and follow your call to action.

Update anytime
Messages and landing pages can be changed or updated as often as you like. Tokkers can even deliver different messages at different times of the day, or they can rotate randomly.

Built-in virality
Sharing functions are included in every Tokker's player page. Tokkers can be easily shared via social media, email and SMS text messages. They can even be embedded in web pages.

Get started
Sign up for a free trial. In minutes you'll have your own talking Tokker that you can print, publish, stick on something, tweet, share, post, embed and email.

Note: The above features are available for all of our subscription plans. They are not included with our pre-packaged Tokker stickers.

  • Product Packaging
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Books, Newspapers & Magazines
  • Museum and Gallery Exhibits
  • Walking Tours
  • Signage
  • Cards and Invitations
  • Song Samples
  • Events
  • Clothing Tags
  • Promotional Items
  • Print Advertising
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Coupons
  • Business Cards
  • Maps
  • POS Displays
  • Stickers
  • Restaurant Menus and Table Tents
  • Language Translations
  • Prescription Labels
  • Self Guided Tours
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