Election Campaigns

Use Tokkers on your brochures and direct mail pieces. Deliver a personal message from the candidate.

Change the message weekly, daily, or as often as you like, to keep your messaging up to date.


Use Tokkers on your packaging and print advertising. Engage your customers in the store, or while they're viewing your magazine ad.

This Tokker uses multiple audio messages played randomly, so each time it's scanned it plays a different message.

Real Estate

Use Tokkers on your marketing pieces, For Sale signs, listing brochures and flyers. Put them in your print advertising. Use them in each room to give audio tours of your properties.


Use Tokkers on your posters, flyers, tickets and CD's. Give your audience a taste of your sound and get them to come to your show or buy your album!

Business Cards

Put a Tokker on your business cards so people you meet will remember you. Your business card can talk to your prospects, show them your photo, and reinforce your message.